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Dr Bita Fox is an experienced Harley Street trained Aesthetic Practitioner delivering safe, and highly effective anti ageing solutions to meet todays busy lifestyle challenges

Infinity Aesthetics offers the latest advanced facial rejuvenation treatments to give your skin a smooth, fresh and more youthful appearance, through the controlled use of wrinkle smoothing injections and/or dermal fillers to achieve the most natural look possible and provide the optimum results you are looking for. Bita's approach to aesthetics is in pursuing a natural and subtle look, softening any lines for a fresh appearance, rather than chasing specific creases which often leaves an artificial, localised frozen look and is generally a tell tale sign that some form of cosmetic treatment has been sought.

We understands that many patients would ideally like to have their consultations in the privacy of their own home. If appropriate and subject to requirement we now offer a home visit service to female patients.

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All non-surgical wrinkle reduction treatments used are painless to apply, and are carried out to the highest professional standards.

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